Lb Smith Ford wormleysburg Pennsylvania


Complaint: Hi my name is jenn my car was towed to lb smith. It is still there because they said i need a new tranny. I had the car less then a year they said i told them to fix it and I NEVER TOLD THEM THAT. SO I DO HAVE A REPORT WITH THE AT.GEN. OFFICE.. WHERE i got it from was picking the car up to look at it put lb had it all apart and i did not know that until the place i got it from called me and told me. They had the nerve to tell them we told them to fix it. Why would i gave them 3000$ or more to fix it. We think that they took it appart and could not put it back so thats why they said we need a tranny .This has got to stop I am so upset that these comp. can try to ripoff the cosumer . Thank you Jenn Wormleysburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: Market St Camp Hill Camp Hill, Pennsylvania U.S.A.



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