Leadership Team Development Review


Was misinformed about everything from “auto-replenish programs”, payment structures, and even how much time was actually needed from me. The group I was in specifically was racist (encouraging me not to reach out to colleauges from hbcu’s and did not want any more “black people” in his group) even though he, himself was black. We are encouraged to attend all meetings so they can constantly emphasize the same points and messages drilled to us during conferences, meetings, and those god-forsaken audios). At the conference, I was sleep deprived and we were not given meals and most venues don’t allow out outside food. Each session was at least 5-6 hours long and afterwards the uplines (“leaders”) would want to meet even longer in these sessions called “night owls”. I’ve witnessed people falling asleep everywhere from behind the stage to behind the wheel. This company is insideous in nature and I would outright call it a… Cult…

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