Leah Ann Varnes (Massey) – Sebring, Florida Florida


3 kids, 3 different baby daddies, 2 failed marriages, no job, lives off her parents and children support…cmon at a certain point anybody with sense would realize that maybe they need to grow the hell up and get it together, right? Not this silly hoe. She will do anything for attention. Expert at using her kids as pawns in her selfish game. While she was married to her 2nd husband, she was texting other men. Begging for attention. She wants sympathy for being cheated on while she was just as unfaithful l. No respect for anybody relationships. Attempts to be the other woman but ain’t nobody stupid enough to fall for it. Honey you don’t bring enough to the table to qualify as a “side chick”. That’s why all you get is text messages. You reek of desperation. It’s pathetic!

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