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First of all, these positive reviews are not authentic and seem to be reviews by the same person or Leanne’s friends. Each one starts with “”Leanne..”” and are all very similar. This review is for all of the innocent people that this woman has taken advantage of over the years with her numerous companies all over California. She seems to keep changing the bames of her company and then moves to another city to scam somebody else. She seems to take advantage of seniors and people who are not computer savvy, hence posting this to warn everyone out there about her scam. She seems to be in cahoots with a consignment shop in Solana Beach, San Diego called Two Sisters Consignment Home Furnishings. Leanne now resides in an area of San Diego, California, called Kensington. She recently scammed my family member for over $10K and has left her house in shambles, moved all of her furniture out (why would you move all the furniture out for a small bathroom remodel???) and has left her with a $100 per month storage unit bill. Leanne Michael took a family members money and spent over $10K at Two Sisters Consignment Store located at 616 Stevens Ave, Solana Beach, CA. My family member did not agree, nor needs to buy any new furniture (nor can she afford to, she does not work and is a senior citizen). It was in her contract that Leanne Michael was pay a general contractor (this person who did the tear up, was not a contractor and didn’t even know Leanne. he was probably a handy man hired off Craigslist and probably didn’t get paid, we are still looking into this) to remodel her single bathroom (she lives in a small one bathroom, 2 bedroom home) and oversee the project, but instead Leanne moved everything out of my family members house, charged $1400 for the move and is now paying $100 per month for a storage unit that could be filled with nothing. We haven’t had a chance to see if there is even anything in the storage unit. It could all be at the consignment shop? The red flag was the shopping. First of all, my family member would never spend that kind of money on furniture. As soon as they found out this money was being spent on items she did not need, they ordered Leanne Michael to return the $10K worth of furniture. It was supposedly returned to the consignment shop, but my family member never received her money back (and the consignment shop hung up on the family member when they called to inquire) and in order for Leanne Michael to complete the project she requested another $10K. She is also sending my family member threatening emails. I can not believe people like this exist!!!!! My family member gave Leanne Micheal of San Diego access to her bank accounts, home, storage unit etc.. No contractor asks for this kind of information?? Once the family member stopped the project with this crook, Leanne Michael tried to unlawfully re-enter the property with a key she requested. The locks are now changed.

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