Ledger Capital Group Reviews & Complaints


I have to state one thing that’s obvious to everyone: a website is always a presentation of a company. There’s no other way. Ledger Capital website is a good example of “how to show people you didn’t try enough”. The website design leaves much to be desired. Poor performance. I guess they wanted to simplify the structure, it’s not bad, but I think they overtried. Again, if they are ok with such a poor-quality website, would you trust them to control your money? I know I know, not all of you will notice something suspicious. Then open the team page. Is everything ok with this? If you have a bad quality photo, there are many ways to make it right so no one even notices it. What about contacts? Is it ok that you don’t know where they are based? Washington DC is huge… But who cares. Money is more important. To them.

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