Lee Corwin (Lloyd Lee Corwin) Narcissistic traits, self indulgent liar and cheater – Oregon


This man has a soft sweet voice and is full of charm. You instantly fall for him but beware!! He is a snake!He will do just enough to suck you in. Once he has you its all over and you will be climbing the walls trying to find a way out.He was raised where the man in served and women are the servers. He expects perfection with everything. When he gets mad at you for anything he will call you names and tell you you’re a piece of s*** and a worthless c***. He will constantly accuse you of cheating and lying. Its because that’s what he’s doing to you. He will have both men and women over to secretly meet with them in a vehicle to have sex with them while you busy inside. He strongly holds every characteristic of someone with Narcissistic personality disorder and appears normal at first and very mentally ill after you’re around him for awhile.He believes the world revolves around him and no body else is as important as he is.He lies constantly and believes every one he tells when its not the truth.He will get into your phone and make everything a mess. You will have to get rid of anything that might look like cheating could be a factor with… He will look at your search history and won’t allow you to go to certain sights ( because he’s on them!!) and he will demand every password to all of your accounts.He is a master at manipulation and is intimidating.He likes to drink and smoke.He is a heavy equipment operator in the woods for logging co.He lives in an r.v. with a little chaweenie dog named Teeny. He has gone bi and wants to “play” with anyone he can get his hands on.He did all of this with his wife right next to him behind her back and he is so delusional he still claims he never cheated on her.

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