Lefty’s Fresh Food Qualicum Beach Parksville British Columbia


Complaint: Decided to go to Lefty’s in Qualicum Beach tonight for Dinner. The place was slow, not many customers. The wait staff was slow, took forever to get our food, when it arrived they burned our dinner. The roasted potatoes they serve tasted horrible, burned, like they reheated them from the night before. Our son’s burger was burned and served opposite of the way we ordered it with no pickle, onion, mushrooms or tomato. They served it to us with pick;e, mushroom and tomato. The Italian soda tasted like selzter water, not an Italian soda. The cook looked like a kid out of high school that didn’t have any experience on a cooks line. The whole experience was just really aweful. We left no tip, and know better to complain while still eating our food. Lefty’s charged us over $80 for garbage food, I could have gone to a fast food place in Parksville and had a better meal. In the restuarant business customers deserve 3 things; Good food, good service and a clean place to eat. Lefty’s failed to provide good food, and good service. When a watiress can not even bother to come back and check on the meal after it is served, and not refill drinks, and their serving burned food, why charge such high prices? I will not be returning to Leftys at all and feel that I got ripped off for my 80 bucks. Thanks Lefty’s for ripping my family off and providing us a horrible meal. Maybe higher people that know how to cook, when it is slow and the place isn’t packed, it shouldn’t take an hour to get food. You have lost us for good now Lefty’s and we will not be coming back. We will drive to Nanaimo and spend our money at restuarant that actually cares about its customers. Thanks for ripping us off. Do not waste your time or money going to Lefty’s in Qualicum Beach, all they do is serve you aweful food and expect a hefty price for garbage food.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 710 Memorial Avenue Qualicum Beach, British Columbia United States of America

Website: www.leftys.tv/

Phone: (250) 954-3886

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