Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. Orlando Florida


Complaint: This company is very clever about their approach & they use psychology to manipulate people’s emotions and convince them to ultimately pay $30K+ in courses that don’t guarantee any succcess whatsoever. It all starts with a free seminar using Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad Brand to “hook”” people who want to make a change in their lives. At the free seminar

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Address: they hire a compelling speaker to persuade you to purchase addiitonal courses. I fell for the trap and purchased some 3-day courses including a $500 Real Estate course and a “”discounted”” Stocks course for $299. But..it doesn’t end there. When I showed up to the 3-day courses

Website: please do yourself a favor and do NOT purchase the $30K+ courses. This company preys on the weak

Phone: I was very excited to learn. But I quickly realized that it was all one giant sales pitch that is very strategically planned out. The 3-day courses are a “”tease.”” They entice you with information and tell you numerous times “”you’ll learn this and that if you purchase XYZ course…”” But it’s all just part of a massive sales pitch. I’m very astute so throughout their sales pitch

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