Legacy Travel, Inc. Pennsylvania Review


During discussion with this travel organization, we discussed a right to a three-day rescission for a contract. They did not return calls over the next few days. Finally, when I threatened to contact the police they returned my call but indicated there was no rescission period (referencing one line at the end of a four-page document). When I tried to visit the company in person, they treated me in an abusive fashion and escorted me from the building. nThey used to operate out of the Marriott Courtyard in King of Prussia. When I contacted the Marriott, we were referred to a detective on the local police force. He indicates that many other individuals have complained about Legacy Travel, that the company does not live up to its word, and that their operation is a scam. nThey are dishonest and out to make a quick buck by selling you a package that has limited value. We will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and I know there will be many more complaints in the future.

630 Freedom Business Center Drive King of Prussia, Pennsylvania United States of America


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