Legacy VTC or Legacy travel coatesville Pennsylvania Review


My wife and I attended a sales seminar for Legacy travel on 2-15-2011. We were coerced into signing a contract for their travel services after several hours of sales tactics. They presented it as a ‘tonight only deal’. The salesman came across as friendly and honest and unfortunately he just breezed over the contract and we did not read it well, there is a no recision clause. After getting home and checking out the company and their services we did not feel comfortable with them and did not feel we could afford air fare to travel. We told them we had not flown for about ten years. We were unaware of the cost to fly these days and could not afford their services now. We immediately called and left messages for the next 2 days that we wanted to cancel and only got answering service people. No one returned calls, I called the salesman and customer service and was told they were not the ones to cancel. I went to the corporate center where the sale was maden and there was no one from Legacy there; evidently they only do sales there at odd times and have no permanent staff on site which we were led to believe. I think we were misled in the seminar and the company is not what it seemed. We simply asked for a refund since we have not caused Legacy any costs and used no services.We just feel we were duped and under duress from the sales team when we signed the contract. I feel these type of sales practices should be looked at.I went in person to the office to get a copy of their business license if they even have one and I was threatened by 2 employees with intent they wanted to fight me? I was in disgusted with there treatment of me and have a witness that saw them do it. I will be prsuing this matter legally and have filed with local police.

630 Freedom businees center king of prussia, Pennsylvania United States of America



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