Legalshield of Las Vegas (Dempsey Roberts and Smith) Las Vegas


Complaint: Wow, If you just look at some of the former reviews, I think they speak for themselves. Hundreds of unhappy members with this firm alone, and yet the owner of the firm Mr. Dempsey, had the gall and nerve to say to a member of almost 20 years, that “he doesn’t care if someone gives his firm a bad survey because his firm is #1 in the nation””. Having done my perfunctory research on this quote and behavior

Tags: Family Law, Lawyers

Address: I found that Jeff Bell is the CEO of Legalshield. Taking over for the almost defunct Prepaid legal pyramid scheme which was in a class action suit for quite some time before settling with all members (sound familiar??? Trump University????) Hold on for the kicker…..

Website: as well as his bought and paid for degrees for his sons. Interestingly enough

Phone: that Mr. Bell is an achieved scholar

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