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We were contacted over the phone to come to a timeshare ppresentation at one of our local restaurants. Thinking it sounded a bit fishy we asked when was going to be addressed. … they stated that it was an update on the changes in RCI…. knowing we hadn’t been to one in quite some time we decided to go… but with walls up… We got to the restaurant and were greeted by several of the representatives and then a single person took us to a table. We proceeded to go over our ownership and questions that we had. The main one being- how do we get out of this mess we got ourselves into. The meeting continued and he began explaining how a few years ago owners were able to get out of their timeshare by paying an upfront cost for the fees they would have to pay… After about an hour we were convinced that this was probably the only legal way out of our ownership. .. so we bit the bullet and paid the fees and signed our deed over to LGI. The paperwork was actually pretty easy and detailed… Once we got home… still questioning our decision we decided to make an appointment with our family attorney to go over the papers. He was shockingly surprised that what he was reading was legit and that it would probably be a good deal. So we kept the contract. About a month later we were contacted by their title Co. And they finishes up the remainder of the paper work and last fee. All in all we feel like it was a good decision. And we’re happy with the presentation and process provided by LGI. .

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