Leo Henderson Ames Iowa


Complaint: Supposed Attorney Leo Henderson is registered as an Attorney in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Los Angeles, CA and now after being unsuccessful as an Attorney in Michigan has set up shop as a user and abuser of the Internet to cause people serious harm for his enjoyment and financial greed. Leo Henderson as he calls himself on some of the websites he owns has covered up his tracks with the websites mentioned, where he has kept himself anonymous and has enjoyed his privacy, while he destroys the career, reputations and financially stability of many Americans. He hides behind the First Amendment, in order to justiy his dirty deeds and criminal behavior. He has opened up numerous websites for foreign nationals who are now operating these monetized websites in an abusive and ruthless manner. Does this parasite Leo Henderson care? Of course not! Leo Henderson only cares abou Leo Henderson and lining his pockets with some cash at the expense of Americans who he will easily sell out and destroy their lives with a smile on his face. Leo Henderson would most likely not even be working today if he did not have his pathetic law license from Michigan and who knows how he obtained it because he has lost most cases. This guy is one of the reasons why the US has so many problems, its because parasites like this don’t care about the well being of American society. No! Leo Henderson only cares about the short term and pilferaging anything that he can get his disgusting greedy, unethical and immoral hands on. A person like Leo Henderson has no limits to his criminal behavior disguised behind his law license and ramblings about the First Amendment. The truth is that this guy will leach off of anyone and anything he can to live without doing any real work in society.

Tags: Internet Services

Address: Internet USA

Website: unitedstatescourts.org/


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