Leo Ramos Saint Louis Missouri


Complaint: Leo Ramos or any other name he has is a backyardbreeder! He lied about me now I am telling the truth abouth him. He had a litter of puppies that he hung papers on. He says they are American Bullies but they are mutts. “father is a rednose Jeep/Redboy/Gaines real APBT. Mother is 100% Gottiline American Bully”” he says he is out to make his own Bloodline but with 2 dogs of differents breeds just creates mutts. No real registry would register the pups s ok he did them under his bullshit registry OREBA! Which is a way for you to send unwanted dogs to him to fight them. He is a convicted dog fighter. Changed names and all. The mother is in worst condition and also is not a Gottiline it is really a AmStaff that he has had repeat litters from. He is a scam stay away from this man. He is a liar and a racist. He THINKS hr is a Latino.”

Tags: Police

Address: 45 John Street Ste. 711, New York, New York, 10038 New York, New York United States of America

Website: www.oldbulldogs.com/

Phone: 3472318242

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