Leonore Cueto Newark New Jersey


Complaint: This girl is a thief!!!! She advertises online as a notary public and insurance agent but she is a FAKE!!!! I paid her $150 for notarizing and sending my documents to the Philippines but when my sister’s lawyer in Manila checked the papers Leonore’s notary seal was FAKE. I checked with the division of Revenue and Apostilles and Notary certifications in the state of New Jersey and her credentials are FAKE. She took my money and now she blocked me in social media so I can’t contact her!!!!!! They are looking for you Leonore!!!! Pay back what you owe!!!! You will be deported!!!! And her husband Jayvee Dalmacio is blind because he allows her to bring the money in but he doesn’t ask questions. She looks like such an innocent person from the outside but she is an evil person!!!!!

Tags: Notary

Address: Dumont, New Jersey USA

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/leonore-cueto-dalmacio-1165665b


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