Leslie Adametz Florida


Complaint: This woman frequetnts the Mall at Wellington Green in Wellington, Florida. She approached me by the restroom in the mall and gave me her number saying she was always at the mall and wanted to get to know me. I obliged and we started talking right there. Then it turned wild and afterwards we went our separate ways. Later I went to Macy’s in the mall and had a customer service issue and asked the clerk to call a manager. Well, up walks Leslie the sex maniac from the restroom area. She acted like we never met! She asked me to leave and did not solve my problem. I left an angry customer and a confused young man. Needless to say stay away from her and her Macy’s! This woman is a total creep and could have any disease.

Tags: Public Bathrooms

Address: 721 Pine Club Ln Wellington, Florida USA

Website: www.facebook.com/leslie.gawron

Phone: 561-493-2000

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