Leslie Wells – Pasadena, Maryland Maryland


I met this girl, she was okay until he got somewhere and then got to drinking because she’s a solid alcoholic. So she goes to Sheppard Pratt and meets a couple guys in there and she comes home with them only to have them run a G on her and she lied about that but confessed later on. Now she’s on a drinking binge and pretty soon we’ll be in the hospital, more than likely Sheppard Pratt because when she drinks she almost gets paralyzed. Last I’ve known since I stopped talking to her she was sleeping with people for cans of beer cigarettes and bottles of cheap vodka not even the expensive type the cheapest it can go- Barton’s. Now remember this picture of her because she does live in Pasadena, she’s 31 years old, and all she likes to do is sleep with guys for alcohol because she doesn’t have a job, nor money, she freeloads off of the people who she lives with, she has zero responsibility, doesn’t want to work, can’t drive, and who knows what she’s probably carrying now. Just a heads up to those men that get suckered by her off of Facebook, it is very sad a girl that looks like this sells herself for the cheapest alcohol there is. This is all true information not one bit of it is a lie it may sound far-fetched but I assure you it is 100% the truth… Also I would like to add she is a big-time racist and I guess since I stopped talking to her she started allowing black men to run up on her now because nobody wants to deal with her anymore, all she does is lie about any and everything. She will manipulate you she will lie to you and she will use you, so please beware of this trash.

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