Levin’s Furniture Painesville Ohio Review


Im my opinion: A lift chair was purchased furniture from this store. It has been repaired several time. When one would sit inthe lift chair in the flat position one would bottom out and their buttock would hit wood frame, no cushion support buttock sitting on wood. Repair man had stuffed foam into the seat twice to no relief. The repair man said he noted the chair as defective and he would request a replacement. However, once customer service reviewd his recommendation iyt was scratched and the consumer was told the chair was a comfort issue and not s defetct without them ever examining the defective chair their self. The consumer evern paid for extended warranty, a waste of money the chair squeel when lifting and decending. Thier is not coushion enought to support ones buttock so you bottom out if you sit from a non lifted position. You are hitting your tail bone to a point of pain. People research comapines before you make a purchase. Remember to get the 411 on all waranties and extended warranties.

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