Lexys Chacon – San Antonio, Texas Texas


Lexys Chacon got married 3 months ago and is already ruining relationships. Why get married sweetie when you’re going to [email protected] around? Why ruin other marriages to save your own? She knows he is still sleeping with his wife and she’s okay with that. She even admitted to doing it for attention. She should be saving her own marriage and focusing on her own daughter instead of some man who is still tied up with his wife and his own family. Take notes woman. Don’t be like lexys chacon. Have some self esteem and know your worth, and understand if a man is married let him be!! Don’t be a dog waiting for your moment. He lies to you and says he doesn’t sleep with his wife YEAH OOKKAAAYYY. You ruined your own marriage don’t ruin everyone elses. She already has her child around this guy. What a great mother got married 3 months ago left him for someone that’s still caught up with his own wife and already intruding her daughter bravo. What a HOMEWRECKER!! Learn to leave married woman alone it’ll be good for you.

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