Liars!! Asking for Money by claiming fake debts and dues!!


Zenco collects is full of liars who are working to call people and alleging them of clearing the dues or else they will be sued. I believe only those people should be sued who genuinely have debts and need to be cleared. But no person should be harassed by implying false allegations of having a debt amount that needed to be cleared as soon as possible. You all are scammers and just earn by looting money from innocent people. I swear to god I would sue you and bring your real face in front of the world so that other people can also be aware of people like you who have opened up businesses in which you threaten other people by calling them just to take money from others.

My mother received a call six weeks ago from Zenco collects saying that she owes them some $ 6000 for the debt she took 7 years back. My mother was shocked and immediately contacted me as she didnít remember it. Then we contacted Zenco Collects again to understand all the vital details about the debt that they were claiming. It turned out to be some chase card that was taken 8 years back and told that it needed to be paid immediately otherwise my mother would be sued. What kind of people are you? Where were you 7 years back, when she stopped paying you?
Now you keep calling us from different numbers just to make some money from our money. You know what, you can try every means to contact us but until you explain us the nature of the card and every single detail of the card my mother owned. I will not let this kind of exploitation take place with her. We will spread details about how you are cheating people and doing such frauds so that no one can get cheated by your fake phone calls.
This is sheer fraudulence and how can people trust you with such unreliable services. My mother doesnít even remember the card because there is no card. All the details are being made up fake. This is not right. No one can sue my mother on fake charges. Is this how you all earn money by harassing people and threatening them to pay or else they will file a case against them? I wonít let this happen. This is sheer rubbish. I will not let this happen to my mother. She is fed up of your calls and it is really unjust on your part to keep pestering people for your selfish reasons.
When I visited your office, no one could show me the exact details of the chase card and in what year it was taken. I realized that I and my mother were being accused of something we didnít even do. No one can behave like that with my mother. How can you expect weíll pay you anything after you have faked each and every detail? I will stand with her and I know you wonít be able to do anything as you have no proof. What is the fun of continuous calling when you cannot even display documents related to the card she had. How fake can people be? At least have some shame! Or have you all sold it?

Not just me, you have been playing this game with other people as well. Iíve read all the reviews that needed to be read. I am not afraid of you anymore. You wonít get anything from us. Are you even humans? How can you cheat people like that? At least have some respect for the elderly. She is already stressed out and you all come as another nightmare to make her like more hell than it already is. If you cannot show any courtesy then just stay away from her. This is all injustice and we wonít stay quiet. You all deserve to be in jail, how are you still practicing when all you do is frame people on fake debts and threaten them to pay or else they will be taken to the court.
You know what just stop calling us as you will get nothing. We wonít be part of any of your plans and you may sue us because you have no legal proof to even claim any debt. Even if you get spared by our hands, God will not spare you. He will take revenge and that too in the most horrible way. You will not get away with it just like that. I have never experienced any such thing before and this incident has really moved me and my mother who is shocked at how people have devised new techniques to extort money from other people.

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