Liberty Mutual Chantilly Virginia Review


I would like to make public knowledge my ongoing situation with Liberty Mutual.I will not give too many facts to protect my idenity and to protect my continuing case that is still open. nI work for a very large delivery company that has Liberty Mutual onboard to handle, and manage thier insurance, and workers comp cases. I was hurt on the job and sustained damage to my lower back.Since the begining of the injury I have had to almost fight for every step I take.This includes presciptions, weekly comp pay, medical advice, and recovery methods. nI was taken to the Hospital by ambulance and was unable to feel my lower body.I was x-rayed and told to follow up with an orthopedic. I followed up, had an MRI, and was referred to have a consult for surgery, all this within a couple of weeks of the injury.I followed order, had a surgery consult and was told that I did need surgery.I then took it upon myself to retain an attorney after being advised by my Union (Teamsters) to protect myself, and my future. I retained an Attorney that has experience with the company that I work for, and expeience with workers comp, and Liberty Mutual. My attorney even knew the case nurse, and case manager by first name. nAfter retaining an attorney I went for another follow up with the Surgeon that recomended surgery, and the first thing he said to me when he saw me was “So you hired an attorney?What is their name?”” The surgeon knew who the attorney was and told me that hiring an attorney often complicates things. The surgeon then tells me that after review and consulting with his associates he woudl recomend that I enter into conservitative medical methods to return me to work

and said that there was no big threat and I should be back to work within weeks. Who is paying this Doctor? nWell 8 months later I am now scheduled for surgery after months of meds



shots in my spine

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