Liberty Mutual Philadelphia Pennsylvania Review


I got a notice from CCS about a u201cdebtu201d that I owed to Liberty Mutual. It is not a valid debt. I do not owe this company anything. I used its homeowner insurance from 7/6/2012 to 7/6/2013. Before July, 2013, I found a cheaper insurance with State Farm and therefore didnu2019t buy the insurance from Liberty Mutual. My contract with Liberty mutual is not an automatic renewal one. I assumed that if I didnu2019t pay, then they would not cover my house and we had no relationship at all. My house has been covered by the insurance with State Farm. Liberty Mutual sent me a bill in Sept.2013 with a balance of $307. I contacted the agent that had worked with me. He asked me to provide a proof of coverage and I did. He then said that his office would take care of it. I then contacted him several times after I got the “bill”” from Liberty Mutual and never heard back from him again. I have the policy from Statefarm and the emails with the agent. I am going to file a complaint to the following agencies: Better Business Bureau Office of Insurance Regulation Federal Trade Commission Credict Collection Services”

4259 W Swamp Road, Suite 108, Doylestown, Pennsylvania USA


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