Lied to me about the cost


Being an automobile enthusiast, I have always had a knack for trying out new vehicles. Throughout my adult life, I have been a proud owner of many luxurious cars. Recently, I sold my Mercedes as I was not happy with its performance. After selling it, I decided to go buy a new BMW. Since I had never owned a BMW before, I thought it would be interesting to opt for one and try it out. I had friends who owned BMW and they were satisfied. I did not know the location of any BMW Showrooms nearby and therefore, I decided to search online. The second name that came up in the search result was BMW of Crystal Lake. I checked its website and some of the options appealed to me. The website itself seemed quite good. I did not want to procrastinate any further as I was in desperate need of a vehicle then. I scheduled an appointment right at that moment by calling up the place. I was told to come down to the place the very next day to check out the wide range of cars. I was excited to go the place as it was going to be my first time at a BMW Showroom.
The next day, I reached the place a bit early to not miss the appointment that I had so enthusiastically scheduled the day before. I met the salesperson. He seemed nice but the staff members did not seem to be too interested. The showroom was a bit dusty. I decided to focus on my main motive of being there and started looking at cars. Although the salesperson there was good, he missed out on pointing some key features. I had to ask him myself for confirming the presence of certain features of a car. I finally chose a car and decided to go for it. I did not want to pay the whole amount at first and therefore I went with the ‘finance’ option. The structured division of the amount that I would need to pay monthly for the next 2 years was listed on the sheet provided to me. I finished the paperwork and completed the purchase. The car was delivered to me after a week and I was finally a proud owner of a BMW.
Everything was okay until the end of the month came. The amount that was listed on the sheet was different from the amount that had been deducted from my bank account. It was way more than what was listed. I called the place to check if there had been a mistake but to my horror, I was told that they had given me a wrong estimate of the instalments. When I asked them for a refund, I was denied as they told me that the car had already been used for so long. So basically, the total amount that I paid for the car was way over my budget. I had to struggle to pay the instalments for the last few months. I was a victim of a fraudulent activity that was set up craftily by BMW of Crystal Lake. I would not recommend anyone to go to that scheming place which is hungry for money to such an extent that it lies to its customer.

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