Lifekey Healthcare ft.myers Florida Review


lifekey advertised their product on tv as a free 30 day trial. when we called the operator told us it was just that, no strings attatched. all we had to do was pay the shipping and handleing. nthis was supposed to be a one time deal, we hung up the phone and that was it. we received the product 3 weeks later. a month went by and we noticed money missing from our checking account. lifekey had charged $70.00 to our account, without permission. nwhen when we called the company and demanded our money back and to speak to a supervisor. we were told noone was in the office and this wasn’t their problem anyway. then they told us it was printed on the bottle and we should have read it. it was on the bottle but in small enough writeing that it took me 5 minutes to find. nit says-“established customers receive a new supply of enzyte every sixty days at the price of 69.95

ther is no obligation and established customers can cancel membership at anytime””. nwe were under the immpression this was a 30 day free trial

not a membership

and we were certianly not established customers. nwe had to close our checking account and many things bounced and overdraft fees and headaches

and we still dont have our money back. these people need to be stopped. nLeannnft.myers

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