Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Clubs Upper Marlboro Maryland Review


In 2007 we purchased a “unique”” time share package from Lifestyle Holidays in Cofresi Beach Dominican Republic. We especially were lured by the claim that you were not limited to any particular week and that you could make a profit by renting the villa to friends. Every time we wanted to use the villa (3 bedrooms) we were to pay $699/week plus $35/pp day for all inclusive (This fee is now $47/day per person). The villa includes a private pool and breakfast made each morning by a resort staff person who comes to the villa.It all sounded great

especially the opportunity to rent the villa for a profit. In other words

we could charge friends more than our fee of $699.In actuality

the villas are never available when you call for dates. We were told that that availability would not be an issue. We have not been able to get dates for ourselves or for friends

only during hurricane season do units tend to be available.We are very displeased with sales claims that were just not true. A friend was able to get a villa last month. He said the unit was average at best

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