Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Clue Ontario Review


LIfestyle Holidays Vacation Club are like are vultures and wolves. While on my first vacation with my two children, as a single mother we decided to spend Christmas at the Be Live Grand Resort in Punta Can. I can only explain this trip as dealing with robbers of widows and orphans. From the first day I arrived on Dec. 21th 2012 at the Be Live Grand Restore, I was immediately approached by hotel reps, inviting me to receive my welcome package. Every day, I was approached about the welcome package. I mean EVERYDAY!! At first I wasnt able to pick up the welcome package as my son developed the flu and I was back and forth with a doctor on site. I really thought a welcome package was a small hotel gift as a token of appreciation for selectingtheir hotel. But on December 25th, 2012 my son was feeling somewhat better and I was again approached about the welcome package, where I was taken to a room where someone began a sales pitch about purchasing future vacations at a fraction of the cost. Anyhow to make a long story short, I signed an agreement that day, Dec. 25th 2012 and was rushed out of their office as the office was closing at 2pm for the Dec 25th Christmas holiday. In a rush, I had to initial each page of a travel book, which I was informed was the same as the CD in the folder, and was only to indicate that I received the CD. The next day, I had a terrible gut feeling about the whole thing and I wanted to retract on my agreement but was on a tour all day and didnt arrive back to my hotel until after 6pm, in which their office was closed. The following day on Dec. 27th, I met with the sales rep and was asked to resign the first page of my agreement. That there was a mix up on the dates signed. I noticed that the date on the new first page was not the date I had actually signed and knew for sure that this was completely illegal and unethical practice. I refused to sign and asked to cancel my agreement. The sales rep brought overthe manager who ask me why, and I had mentioned that after paying a start up fee of $10,700 and made to sleep on a bed cot and moved to a room for a couple with no privacy with my two children, was a complete indication of their lack of VIP service. Not to mention that they wanted me to sign a contract document that had false information. I was then asked forwarded to meet with the customer service rep that was much more forceful and refused to cancel my agreement. I spend 2 days of my vacation in their offices with their lack of remorse of my vacation time wasted. Getting nowhere with the sales rep I proceed to call the customer service rep at their head office who offered me a $499 hotel room on my next trip and ask to try out the service before canceling; and that either way if I cancel now of later I have to pay the administration fee of $3000. I was stocked and followed around the hotel to change the first page of my contract to a false date. We had to leave to the US for New Years Dec. 28th 2012. With no email access in Punta Cana and the US on January 2nd & 3rd 2013 I had made numerous telephone calls with no response and then sent an email confirming that I still wanted to cancel my agreement. I received a response from the customer service rep that I have never indicated that I wanted to cancel and that the 4 business days to cancel had lapsed and would not be able to cancel or get any of my money back; $22,000. I can’t believe all the lies and deception used to keep me in this contract. I’m a single mother of two childen and have lost my son’s university tution, not to mention that I can’t afford the monthy payment. I was also threaten that they would take legal action. Stay away from Lifestyel Holiday’s Vacation Club!!! It’s hard earned money down the tollet.

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