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Jim Hagmaier of Limo Express has dodged us for a year or so now. He agreed to buy (a fairly inexpensive unit) limo from us and did not pay for it; but did take delivery of it. Jim of Limo Express in Memphis TN has avoided service of process by lying to courts about a summons that was posted to his door, though that attempt was a slight delay, our company did get a judgement against Jim Hagmaier and Limo Express. We’ve attempted to recover the unit; though he keeps it locked up in his warehouse, which is guarded by a 10 foot fence. From the reviews online – it appears Jim Hagmaier is a habitual scam artist and has ripped Limo Express customers out of refunds, refusing to give back deposits, and over charging clients; among other things.If this guy can pull one over on an industry partner – think of the things he is willing to do to the potential retail service user.AVOID LIMO EXPRESS AT ALL COSTS!Memphis has many quality limousine provicers – look elsewhere. Don’t be fooled by the smooth talking Jim Hagmaier; once he has your info – he WILL screw you over; its just a matter of how.

4389 GETWELL RD Memphis, Tennessee United States


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