Lincoln Financial Group Houston Texas Review


I received a letter from Lincoln Financial Group welcoming me to their program. To access my account, all that I needed to do was enter my SSN either by phone or online. I have never heard of this company nor did I ever solicit their business. When I called them, the rep. told me he needed my name and SSN to get any info. He said there was most likely a switch in the retirement company that I used with my last employer. There was no way I was giving him my social. There was no listing from my last employer and he kept telling me that without my social, he was unable to access any info. If there was a switch or change in any of my retirement plans, I would receive a notification letter in advance. None was sent to me. And for some unknown company welcoming me to their services and telling me that my SSN is all that is needed for me to gain access is a huge alarm-sounder. Dingdingding! Don’t ever give out your SSN in response to unknown and unsolicited letters or phone calls!!

P.O. Box 7876 Fort Wayne, Indiana USA


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