Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company Review


I contracted with this company and they pump you up with all the training they will give you and how they will help you succeed. I got half a field training day with a manager whom English was not her first language. She was pushy and signed people up on policies who really did not want them nor could really afford it. I actually got 2 charge backs and 2 policy cancelations very quickly. The company says it self generates leads and charges you anywhere between $33.00 and $45.00 When I would work the leads I was given immediate resistance. For one. The leads were old and those that did remember filling out the card where lead to believe by the lead or television ads they viewed, said the company would send additional information in the mail. I show up and people were really put off. My so called manager came to town once a month when he suited her and she barley checked in with me. In fact I pretty much gave up cause my lead account balance was over a $1000 and the company could not give me anymore leads. They insisted I spend 8 hours a day door knocking to earn a living and issue business. My managers manager is the one who told me this. It took almost 3 weeks for my so called manager to “text” me back to tell me what the head manager said. This pissed me off. After I called. Left message. Left text messages and sent emails. She texted. I texted her a very equal worthy response. Not long after I was sent. Letter the company was ending my contract. they said I owed them my lead account balance. Plus all the advances I got from the business I did issue. And my charge backs. I can’t believe they have the nerve to charge me for my advances. Even though the company is keeping the application on the books and receiving those monthly premiums. I don’t see how this is legal. So all agents stay away from them. .

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