Lincoln Tech (Nashville) Springfield Tennessee


Complaint: Lincoln Tech in Nashville started a 6mo welding course. The problem is that they started said welding course woefully unprepared and still started accepting students to take this course. Students having to wait in lines to utilize/practice welding. Other students having to wait 3-4 people deep waiting to use equipment. The Mig and Tig machines that they have are functional, but simple things like consumable items as stick welding handles that are falling apart and instructors having to scavenge parts to fix them. They didn’t have any backup supplies in case something broke. I had to go buy my own Tig torch handle so I didn’t have to jump into a longer line to utilize a machine. On top of that, they can’t even keep argon bottles stocked up and replenished, so we had to go and grab argon bottles off other machines smh. Don’t get me wrong, the course is severely lacking, but the welding instructors are top notch. I left the school because I made a big wave in their little swimming pool by going to Corporate and filing my complaint so the Dean and head of autobody/welding tried to treat me as though I’m some stupid idiot and that pissed me off.

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Address: Tennessee USA



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