Linda Borrie – Hamilton, Ontario California


This sorry excuse for a woman doesn’t take hints very well. The more a man ignores her the more she hunts him down. Doesn’t matter to her that he is married and has been with the same woman for over 15 years. Her pathetic texts, emails and calls begging him to see her repeatedly when he tries to kindly give her the hint that he is not interested in her. So she drives for hours to come to Toronto to hound him until he gives in to see her for a coffee just to hopefully appease her so his life won’t be constantly stressed out with her hounding him constantly with his wife upset with it all. He has no intention of spending any money on her or god forbid allowing her to come into his home he shares with his wife so this lowlife whore simply drops to her knees in the nearest alley or park to provide her services of a cum dump to the married man. I feel sorry for his wife and all the STDs he is likely bringing home to her. Such a lovely classy woman. She deserves so much better than the whore banging washed up rockstar she wastes her time on. Linda is not his only extra curricular activity. He is banging his boss, which Linda knows about and had the gall to repeatedly call to inform her of the competition for his attention. He is and has been banging a DJ at the U of T Radio station. Her crocodile tears at her husband’s funeral as she waited through visiting hours at the funeral home knowing she would be screwing her lover as her husband’s body lay not ten feet away. More about her in another post. There are so many we may need a program just to keep them all straight. I hope the Viagra he takes to keep up with all these fans doesn’t end up killing him. Linda, he remarks how the deep lines around your lips are such a disgusting turn off for him. Maybe that is because he realizes they are from your lips being constantly puckered up from all the cock you suck. If he wanted you he would return your calls, emails and texts. When you have to hide your contact with a man it is a perfect indication that you shouldn’t be having such contact with him. I feel sorry for his wife. She is a class act being made a fool of by chicks so ugly and stupid they couldn’t charge for their cheap street walker tricks, not even in Parkdale where they meet up with this creep. don’t let Linda Borrie near your man. She will smile to your face and work hard to befriend you only so she can get closer to your man.

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