Linda Castillo – San Antonio, Texas Texas


This old hag Linda Castillo hooked up with my husband after they met on a hookup site. She moved him in to her filthy apartment and insisted he divorce me. Now that we are divorced she want’s him to stop seeing our girls. She throws a fit every time that my girls visit their dad. My daughter says her house is a dirty pig sty and that she is an alcoholic. My ex told me he moved out because he couldn’t stand the nagging and he regrets listening to her in the first place. He says he wants to come home but I’ve moved on and in a new relationship. He tells me this old lady has had so many men he can’t keep up with the stories she tells him about all her ex lovers. She hates that we still talk and demands that he let her read our texts. He says he has to delete them or she will deny him sex. This skank is very manipulating and is after his money. She has no idea that I got his retirement in our divorce and that he still pays most of my bills. He has to lie about all that or she throws a temper tantrum. She can have my ex and he deserves whatever misery she puts him through which according to him is a lot. She’s jealous of our friendship and of our girls. My ex says she’s got him f’d up if she thinks he’s going to pick her over our girls. Stupid hag! He says he’s going to dump her after the first of the year. So if you see her lurking around your man, shoo her away for being the Home Wrecker that she is. She’s 59 years old and desperate. My ex says she sucks down a bottle of alcohol a day among other things.

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