Linda Hollinghurst Springfield Missouri


Complaint: Linda Hollinghurst Crooked Business practices, dishonest scammer!Linda Hollinghurst Realty One signed up for our company to build her a custom lead generation website, we gave her a deal and worked out a lowered monthly cost. We built the system on the terms that if she cancelled it she would give us a minimum 90 day notice so that we could charge her the lower amount.She paid one monthu2019s fee and never another, she then tried to complain about the site and the system even though the details and an example site were explicitly provided to her prior and she agreed to them!Beware of Linda Hollinghurst,! She is a dishonest liar, her business practices are despicable and her character is poor! We spent thousands of dollars creating this site and system for her are out all of that money, consequently we have sent this matter to our attorneys for collections.Just thought it would be prudent to post this for anyone considering doing business with her if she treats us like this can you imagine how she would treat a customer?!? — you have been warned!

Tags: Realtors

Address: 7976 Ubeda Circle Huntington Beach, California USA


Phone: 714-342-2525

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