Linda Ross – Fremont, California California


Where do I start she’s a dope smoking bag whore who’s been high for the last 20 years straight.she will fuck or suck anybody for a bag or money for a bag. Doesn’t care if your 50 or 60 and fat she will drop to her know eyes and suck you off til you cum on her face. She goes from guy to guy and house to house ruining their lives on the way by getting them hooked on dope then taking all their money then leaving them in ruins.she will go to a guy she likes and tell him you don’t know own yet but I’m gonna suck your cock tonight. I canthink tell you how many times she came home drunk and high with what looked like cum stains on her shirt and her hair all stuck together and eyes blood shot like the dude shot his load right in her eye..she is like a kid in a candy shop when she finally gets you to unload I side her I swear I’ve never seen anybody get a such a big smile on their face from getting a guy to nut in her or on her it’s like she hit the lotto.she will fuck you on the first “date” so don’t worry about it your good to go.just don’t fall in love Cuz the pussy is good only Cuz she’s had practice with the 50 or 60nguys she’s fucked (that I no of but prob. Much higher more like over 100) she will suck a guy off just to prove she’s good at it if he says I don’t think you know own how to suck a dick she will drop to her knees like a good whore and go to town looking up at you the whole time and saying I can feel you swelling your about to cum I can tell.she always has lube and condoms at all times in case she sees a guy at the gas station and wants to jack him off in the bathroom until he cums on her face and tits..if she knows you b4 hand she will swallow it too..she likes to bring home equity girls from the bar and watch you fuck them while she fucks a dildo.ladies she will suck your man’s cock right after he got done fucking you with your juices still on his cock and tell u to your face it tasted good.she has sucked guys off in bar bathrooms,truck stops,parking lots ect.don’t be fooled when she tells you your the only one to make her feel this way and we were made for each other..what a joke this whore is her life revolves around the next bag of dope she’s gonna get and who she’s gotta suck off to get it.but if you want a girl that will fuck you for your drugs then linda is the one..she’s fucked 2 guys at once multiple times and brags about it! If you don’t smoke she will get you hooked then leave you when your down and out for the next cock. She has a tramp stamp of a tribal sun on her back in case u run into her..just ask around the local bars they will know know who your talking about no doubt.anybody else has any stories about kinda please share them on’s time to expose this dirty little slut for which she really is and not what she wants ppl to think she is

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