Linda Wargo – Secaucus, New Jersey New Jersey


This creature slept with a married man that lives around the corner from her all last summer even after she on numerous occasions was confronted telling her to back off. Her ex fiancée knew the married man she was screwing as well. Real class act. Had the balls to say the wife was harassing her. Saw dollar signs since all she earns is minimum wage. Lives with senile old old mother so needs a cash cow to continue to live. Claims she never did this before and the idiot man believed it after shelling out almost $17k to her. I hope she finds someone who screws her as deeply as she did this mans family. Watch your men ladies. The best revenge here is that the man is still with his family and the loser is still with mommy. Although, I’m sure she’s on the prowl for another stupid man falling for the damsel in distress act.

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