Lindsey Klco – Traverse City, Michigan Michigan


Lindsey Klco has no problem sleeping with married men. She met my husband in Army basic, where they both have since been discharged. She managed to get him to lie and tell me that he was going to a funeral in Michigan, and he would only be gone 2 days… when he actually spent a week with her, spending his last dollar taking her to a ski resort, and sleeping with her on our anniversary, after he lied again and said that he spent the money fixing the car after he was in an accident. || He was happy to be home from the Army and was excited that we were having our third child (a girl), until she started sending him messages and selfies of herself while he was with his family, including on Christmas Day. She was first contacted by a guy they were in basic with, and he told her that my husband was still married, she said she would take care of it and end it but, ended up getting my husband to move out and move up to Michigan with her, because she can’t keep her legs closed, and stay away from someone already married. I also sent her a message and told her that we were married, that we had two little boys, and I was pregnant with our little girl. She still didn’t care. Since then she has been contacted by several other people telling her that he was married, and pictures and videos have arisen of them together… proving once again that she doesn’t care about ripping a marriage apart, or tearing a father away from his children, who cried every night when he left, that they wanted their daddy, and stared out the window waiting from him to come home every day. Apparently, her parents or family were never a very good role models for her, and apparently, they never taught her the Ten Commandments, of “Thou shall not commit adultery”. I really hope she rots in hell. I’m glad that they both got discharged from the army, because if they can’t be loyal or faithful to their spouse, then they sure as hell wouldn’t be loyal and faithful to serve their country!! So ladies of Traverse City, Michigan, you might watch for this HOMEWRECKER, because she doesn’t have a care in the world EXCEPT spreading her legs to married men. Once she’s done with my husband, I’m sure she will go after someone else’s…

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