Lindsey Kvestad – Sherman, Texas Texas


This whore came in mine and my boyfriend’s life along with “her hubby” pretending to be our friend me and my boyfriend were having problems at the time and I thought it might been good for us to make new friends anyways. Well her husband got arrested and she started talking to my boyfriend well she found out my boyfriend got a good paying job and that’s when she sat out to steal him from me she came in my house stayed a few nights then mine and my boyfriend’s problems have got worse and her staying there wasn’t helping the situation any well needless to say some shit happened and we busted up a week. Next day she messaged me on Fb saying that they were a couple and I was already going through alot with depression and anxiety it sent me over the edge well a week after I got back from the hospital me and my boyfriend started texting again. He told me he still loved me and it was a mistake allowing this fatass bitch to stay in our house and getting with her and he wanted to work things out with us. We love each other so we been trying to make it right since then, but ladies don’t trust this nasty whore and she is very NASTY and has had STDs at least my boyfriend had enough sense to not have unprotected sex with this hoe she will not only steal your shit she stole nearly $200 worth of clothes tried to steal cosmetics and perfume from me, but she will steal your man too esp if he has a well paying job and if you’re having problems in your relationship and if u don’t have problems she will cause plenty of problems in your relationship.

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