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My mother told me last year that she hired someone to help her get a compromise and release on her back taxes owed. My mother is a frail 70 year old woman on social security, the fefds and state will now garnnisg her social security checks. Mother is expected to move in with me and my husband ALONG with my sick brother (temp) yah riight,,.. who will be released from the hospital on Wed. I tol my mother to call THE TAX PEOPLE she hired…as payment to IRS and state were past due… she callled 3 times and no response , I called today and no response, this affects my entire family and now i have a sick, broke mother and homeless brother of 51 years old coming to take over my home!!! My mother was to start her retirement fund this month!!!! Moving in with us … NOW we all are going to eat s**t. Nesxt stop… the Better Business Bureau and the Police station with ANY paperwork she has. God please help us all!!!! Janice

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