Linkworld – Fry’s Electronics San Diego California Review


I purchased a Linkworld power supply (430W PS with dual ball bearing fans) from Fry’s Electronics on the 11/26/04 with a mail-in rebate for $27. I submitted the mail-in rebate on the 12/06/04. I received a letter of denial from them on 2/04/05. The letter says I did not send them the SALES receipt, but I did send them the REBATE receipt and UPC barcode. The REBATE receipt is what I normally send and Fry’s tells you to send that and that’s why they printed it for you. It doesn’t matter what you call the receipt. A receipt is receipt, right? They deliberately tried to RIP you off with words. This is unfair and should be punished. The letter also stated that they will not accept re-submission, but the rebate form does NOT state that they will not accept re-submission. I am going to resubmit it anyway. I called them and they were so rude and hang up on me. nSo, BEWARE. Do NOT buy anything from them! nAlso the power supply broke after 30 days and I cannot return it to Fry’s. nJamesnSan Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.

670 Endeavor Circle (PO Box 38 Brea, CA 92822) Brea, California U.S.A.


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