Linsey Jean Rod (Delgrosso) – St. Petersburg, Florida Florida


This is Linsey… She took it upon herself to meet up with my husband (she knew full well we were married) and shack up with him in the sleaziest hotel in St. Pete for FOUR DAYS. She paraded around town with him to night clubs, bars, pizza restaurants, McDonalds…. and racked up around a $600 bill that my children and I paid for. They took a night long stroll down to Walgreens to buy condoms.. had sex 4+ times.. got to sleep in.. stay out late.. party….. All while his wife and mother of his children were an hour away begging family members to bring dinner to them because they had NOTHING to eat. This woman RUINED my life. I will never recover from this. I spend my nights crying and my days in a fog. I’ve been to multiple therapists and none of their advise is working. I will never forgive this whore for what she’s done to me and my children. Not only has she ruined MY life.. but she’s ruined THEIR lives as well because their mother is absolutely broken. Congratulations Linsey.. I hope your free hotel stay, sex with my husband, and meals were worth it because you’ve DESTROYED another human being… and you have NO. RIGHT. TO. DESTROY. ANOTHER. HUMAN. BEING! Regardless of what a man says to you…. if he’s married, have enough respect for the innocent woman in his life to… STAY THE FUCK AWAY!!! There is a special place in hell for you Linsey.. and I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart………………………. this is FAR from over.

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