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Dear Sirs, We are sorry to disturb you. We have been cheated by China big Cheater M/S Shandong Lion King Carbon Black Company. They have sent us a very good sample and specs of Carbon Black N-220, N-326 and N-330 wet process Granules Form, which was accepted in quality and price. We gave them order of US $ 10, 880 for 13 Ton Carbon Black, but they have supplied totally mess, factory sweep and particles like river sand. Secondly there was a small mistake in L/C Opening. Sir the L/C draft is always safe in computer. The bank just inset the name of Importer. Unfortunately before our L/C M/S Madina Autos opend the L/C and while opening L/C the name of Madina could not be removed and opend in the style Madina Auto Industries, Farhan Raza Printer. The manifest for unloading port was made in the name of Madina Autos, Farhan Raza Printer. When we applied for clearance, the custom authority refuse to release our consignment and advise to make amendment in the name. We contacted Miss Carry Wang of Lion King for necessary amendment and they charged in advance US$ 220 amendment fee, which we paid them, but they took 3 months for the amendment and after crying they made amendment as they knew that they have supplied inferior material IN INFERIOR PAPER BAG PACKING WHICH ALSO BUSTED which cost us about US$ 4, 570 just for container detention charges and port Damrouj charges for 100 ( 3 Months 10 Days) and total cost of this consignment came to US$ 25, 000 as compared to be just about US$ 14, 000 and 3 months business loss. We have release 3 Tons from the consignment and balance 10 Ton Carbon Black is stored in Custom Bonded Ware House. And now the supplier Shandong Lion King Carbon black neither reply our request, nor attend our Phone Call. Sir, We need your kind help an recovery of our loss especially the loss of Breach Of Trust between our Best friend and lovely Chinese Brother. We love Chinese Brother, but this kind of black sheep is a great loss of our brother County. Believe me Sir, When the Chinese business were in the hand of State Enterprise, we were selling the Chinese products like hot cake in advance even before the arrival of our consignment, but now no body trust Chinese products and if they deal, they make the payment after their satisfaction and consumption of Materials. We want to represent Chinese Products and booked order with 7 companies from different customer for different Chinese Company, but 5 of them had not supplied the material only our 2 Chinese Friend had honored the commitments and we are serving them. Sir, it is a great loss. No matter it happen some time, but sir the Chinese Cheater must be punished to stop further cheating and recover full trust among our Two Brothers and Friend. We can send the address of other Cheater as well. For your kind perusal, few correspondence are as under. Please if you are satisfied with our complaint, please publish it on all search Engine to save others. If you need more information, we are at your disposal Thanks with kind regards. Sincerely Yours, Khushi Muhammad, Alhamra Papers

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