Lipo Slim, Worldwide Capital Ltd Glasgow Alabama Review


Do NOt agree to a free trial lof Lipo Slim as it is NOT, I was told I won a free trial and only had to pay for postage, however I had to provide my credit card details to do so at which time you are entering a agreement allowing them to go into your account and charge you an ridiculous amount of money for a product that doesnt work. The terms and conditions say you have to cancell your subcription with 14 days, however people are not readinbg this as they are not AWARE that they are entrering a contract when they agree to the so called free trial. I first becamse aware months ago when u00a378.00 was withdrawn from my account. However I receiced an e-mail from a company I did not recognise informing me that my order of Lipo slim was being dispathed. I replied iimmiadetly advising the company that I did not want any further orders and to cancell mysubscription. In July I received a similar e-mail and replied advising them that I DID NOT WANT LIPO SLIM. I thenbe received an e-mail informing me my account was cancelled and would not However, on receiving my statement today it transpired the company withdrew u00a379.93 (121.60 USD) on the 20th July 2013 and then withdrew

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