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I purchased 3 different items. The first one arrived in a filthy box, with no tag attached and it looked like it had been on an to the beach. The clasp was damaged with pieces of metal falling out. I returned it and was told a refund would be issued. part of the monies returned to my credit cards and part of the monies showed up as a store credit. Still waiting for the supervisor of customer service to contact me. I see a pattern of total lack of quality control. How can you ship out an item with no tag, in a dirty box, This is a high end item an egregious act to pass off used items as new to a loyal customer. I am disabled, I have spent hours sending emails, waiting to talk with a supervisor, the final straw was tonight when I did a follow up on the refund and was told part of the monies were refunded as a store credit. I do not believe the company grasps the knowledge that refunded monies must follow the method of purchase. 2nd item arrived it at least had a tag on it but it was a high end piece that was shoved in a little box which caused the item to be damaged. I returned it and was told monies would follow method of payment. well that one went ok but where is quality control. You know you have the ability to send the proper container to choose to not do so is simply Egregious. 3rd item a returnable item, it arrives damaged, shoved in a little box I return it and then I am told part of the refund went to my credit card and part of it went to a store credit. They do not know why that was done and you know the story cause it is the same old tale of woe. Sending it to a supervisor who will contact you. In the mean time my funding has been tied up with them since march 31 and april 2. I now have nothing to show for the purchase and the refund is messed up as well. I thank goodness I was smart enough to use a credit card so its easy to dispute. do not use your debit card they do not have the same dispute ablity as a credit card.

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