Lisa Brazle – Coeur D Alene, Idaho Idaho


This is Lisa. She is married to a nice guy and has four kids. That’s not enough for her. She has to have her men on the side too. She started trying to get with my man when she was still fu˘kin the last guy. Those two got busted by his gf (or wife, whatever) and SHE finally told Lisa’s husband. Lisa had at least one more former coworker she was screwing and another affair around the end of last summer. The way her husband believes her lies, even when there’s proof otherwise, makes me worry for the citizens of CDA-hopefully he is better at telling when a suspect/witness is lying. Lisa is a nasty skank who doesn’t give two dips about her own marriage/family and cares even less about anyone else’s relationship. WhoŽe needs to close her legs and stay away from my man! He done told you he don’t want anything to do with you

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