Lisa Conroy – Largo, Florida Florida


One of my best friends since high school got married in February of 2016. Her and this woman Lisa Conroy were very close friends and she trusted her and let her come over for holidays and was always there for her. Naturally she asked this woman to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and she accepted it. The night of my friend’s bachelorette party was also the night of her fiance’s bachelor party and Lisa said that she could not attend but somehow ended up at his party and then proceeded to have sex with him 6 days before my friend’s wedding, on Valentine’s Day, in her house, on the couch that my friend bought her husband as a wedding present. This woman is ruthless and has no value whatsoever and then proceeded to keep it from my friend until 6 days after her wedding, which she still stood as a bridesmaid in, and then dropped the bomb on her. My friend hasn’t been the same person since. Her entire outlook on life has been ruined because of this one person who had no regard for anyone else but herself. In my eyes the husband is also just as big of a jerk. I hope they both rot.

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