Lisa Keller Broll – Victoria, Texas Texas


She is married to a man she repeatedly lies and has thrown in jail. While he’s locked up she sleeps with anyone she meets in a bar. My husband, as well as my friends husband succumbed to her ways. As soon as her husband is released she tells him how these men are harassing her and trying to hook up with her. He loses his temper, beats someone up, destroys something, gets angry and she has him locked back up. Then the cycle starts over. even once her victims have realized that she is bat shit crazy and break free she will continue to circle their homes and call all hours of the night from blocked numbers. she works in the oilfield and loves to pick up married men on the job even if just for a quickie at lunch. A Big Mac can get you laid if she is on site. Be very wary of this Homewrecking white trash!!

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