Lisa Kidd – Gainesville, Georgia Georgia


This is Lisa Kidd. She likes to make your man feel like they have so much in common and that she is so much better than you. She will even try to make you feel like she is doing you a favor. She has slept with and had a child with a married man. Not to mention the countless other men she’s slept with who were married. She’s so full of herself, it’s sickening! She thinks she’s God’s gift to men and that all men want her and all women want to be her. She was unable to destroy the marriage but she still try’s to screw with her sons father by not letting him see the child. She’s a money grubbing floozy who doesn’t think about her child, only herself. Ladies in the Gainesville, Georgia area beware of this trashy sleeze bag! She will flirt with and try to steal your man!

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