Lisa McCoy Sanford – Phoenix, Arizona Arizona


Lisa McCoy Sanford is a living proof that black windows do exist! Lisa Sanford who works as a recruiter at Amazon has that lame job which she uses as a ruse to hide her REAL source of income: that is scamming vulnerable seniors out of their life-savings!!! Lisa McCoy Sanford (who is originally from Texas) moved to Phoenix Arizona to run her scams after she got busted, arrested and served jail time in Texas. Lisa Sanford is 71 years old, she prowls on single and widowed old men on various seniors dating websites under the pretence of looking for love. Once she meets these naive and gullible men, she sleeps with them right away and then cons them out of their life savings! Many of her elderly victims (like my grandpa) pass away before they are even aware that they are being cheated out of their funds by this conniving witch Lisa Sanford. Everyone should watch out and be leery of this unabashed fraud Lisa McCoy Sanford!!!

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