Lisa Sirangelo Foley – Commack, New York New York


She came into my life 2.5 years ago… not by my choice she found my fiancee on fb and started stalking him… Knowing he was engaged and living with me… When I confronted her she said I was crazy and that I’m not engaged to him and I should ask him… Well I just did that and said he didn’t know her… But that was a lie. I found out months later of him and I fighting more then usual because she was in the picture. This went on for months and months. To the point this crazy woman moved 5 blocks away from us. As to say we moved out and I found out that he was living with her and her kids. I found out because he didn’t tell me that he was living with her, he told me that he was living with his son. Well she and her friends and cousin started calling me all hours of the night ratting him out to catch him… and I did they we’re sitting outside smoking a cigarette and she knew he was getting set up but he didn’t… So the SH*T exploded. He threw me in the truck and told her over and over that he didn’t love her and he used her for a place to live… And that she was a W****… That she was going out with a married cop from West Babylon that was expecting a new baby… She didn’t know he was married for 3 years???? We moved Where we couldn’t be found… but she found us and harasses me not even him all the time… Leaving messages over and over… She’s PATHetic.

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