The purpose of this post is to attest to the character of Rodney Palmer and Listmarketer Software. Rodney Palmer owner of Listmarketer proudly operates Listmarketer with the misleading sales pitch of being able to send out millions of emails a month. Approximately 4 months ago, I bought a “license” from Rodney Palmer at Listmarketer Software. Got in touch with him and purchased a complete business Super Sender License “Guaranteed to send a 72 million emails a month”. Paid Rodney Palmer owner of Listmarketer over $2,500. In general, I purchased a complete business, traffic exchange. Rodney Palmer was going to work to develop a traffic exchange platform. After the development phase, Rodney Palmer promised to personally recruit and deliver the initial training with a promise of results. What followed: countless hours testing his system. A total waste of time. None of Rodney Palmer’s promises were met. I did get in contact with Rodney Palmer and asked him to deliver the business I purchased. Rodney Palmer’s response was that the platform takes 3 months to deliver that amount of emails and, so I must keep buying domains and IP’s. This was an added cost never explained by Rodney Palmer owner of Listmarketer. Rodney Palmer said I needed 512 IP’s. Rodney Palmer is currently in a lawsuit with his former business partner and I completely understand why. I reminded him that I purchased the Super Sender not some bogus 5,000 emails a day platform. Rodney Palmer then proceeded to charge my card again for a different license in which I demanded a refund. I was forced to do a charge back with Listmarketer and the owner Rodney Palmer. Rodney Palmer claimed that I signed a “non refundable” contract with him and Listmarketer and fruadulantly provided the documents with the bank in disputing my chargeback. Did I ask for a refund – yes, I did. Since Rodney Palmer has not met his obligations to provide a email platform that does not get shut down by Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail after only sending out 5,000 emails. Listmarketer and Rodney Palmer refused to give me a refund. I hope people considering to enter in any type of business relationship with Rodney Palmer and Listmarketer do your due dillegence. Or any of the companies he operates find this information and take it into account to make an informed decision.

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